Cathe Boudreau started performing stand-up comedy in Boston when she was 16 years old. Last month, the Moss Beach resident launched her own comedy showcase, called “Laugh Moon Bay,” at San Benito House on her 55th birthday.

Boudreau started her quest to bring comedy to the Coastside last September by hosting weekly workshops in which comedians could get together to work on their material. 

Then in May she started a weekly open mic on Tuesdays at Sevilla Tapas in Princeton along with a monthly showcase at San Benito House.

At 7:10 p.m. last Wednesday, Boudreau got on the mic at the San Benito House and turned to the people still sitting inside.

“Attention to the people watching the (Golden State) Warriors lose. We have comedy out here if you really want to laugh at something funny. It’s Hot Guys Night tonight.”

One of the comedians did bear a passing resemblance to “Game of Thrones” heartthrob Kit Harrington, also known as John Snow. Most hailed from the Peninsula or San Francisco and there were a couple local ladies of comedy, Jennifer Celeste from Moss Beach and Roslyn Ramsey from Half Moon Bay.

The audience was a sparse and eclectic mix. There was a trio of regulars from the San Benito House bar. A pair of ladies visiting from Vancouver and rooting for the Raptors took a look. There were friends and family of the comedians. A small group on their way to dinner reservations elsewhere popped in. 

All the comedians had to contend with one man who was three sheets to the wind well before the show started. He spent most of the show chain smoking, downing bottles of Bud, and loudly contributing his esoteric commentary to the comedy. 

Chris Naasko, from Mountain View, did the best with the distraction.

“I just moved here from New York ...” he started, launching into his set.

“The Pacific Ocean is a little different from the Atlantic,” piped in the drunken man, taking another drag on his cigarette.

“Where are you from?” Naasko asked. 

“The land of ambrosia,” the man emphatically responded.

Naasko wisely gave up on his set and spent his time on the mic bantering with the would-be heckler, to comic effect.

Boudreau said such an ability to think on your feet is just part of comedy.

“(The drunk) made the show,” she said. “It was so much fun to see the comics stop doing their material and just being themselves.”

The showcase ended up netting $120, and Boudreau gave each of her eight comics $20. She said that last week’s showcase was less well attended than the debut in May.

“We had more of an audience last time,” she said. “We were battling the wounded Warriors.”

She is optimistic things will pick up.

“I’m getting so many people asking to do the show. I’m overbooked until October,” she said. “People here are so smart. They want to laugh.”

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