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Arthur Lewis Jr., aka "King Arthur" has fun on the basketball court, but her has a serious message for kids in his new book. Kyle Ludowitz/Review

On Sunday, Arthur Lewis, also known as “King Arthur” of the Harlem Wizards, energized the coast as he and his team brought their slapstick variety of awe-inspiring basketball to Half Moon Bay. 

Before stepping out onto the Cabrillo Unified School District Event Center basketball court to play in front of a packed house, Lewis played professional basketball in the American Basketball Association as well as the International Basketball League. Ten years ago, he signed with the Harlem Wizards, which is known as the second-oldest professional basketball team in the world. 

While Lewis definitely shines in the spotlight, that wasn’t always the case. He had to overcome being cut from his high school basketball team in order to get to where he is today. Lewis uses that experience as fodder for his new book titled, “Is the King Too Small To Play Ball?” 

“My big brother encouraged me to write a story about what I went through with respect to being small,” said Lewis. “I got cut from my ninth-grade basketball team. That was the first time I got cut in my life from anything. If I would have quit and played the blame game, I wouldn’t be here today.” 

“Is the King Too Small To Play Ball?” follows a young Lewis as he discovers his love of basketball. As Lewis discovers his passion, there are many along the way who tell him that he’s too small to play the game. Lewis’ goal is to make the high school junior varsity team in ninth grade. 

Although he makes it to the final round of tryouts, he does not make the team. 

Lewis also alludes to the fact that perhaps his ninth-grade self didn’t work as hard as he should have in order to make the team. Lewis worked hard for an entire year before he had the opportunity to try out again. This time, he made the team. Not only that, his school retired his jersey many years after he graduated. 

“I hope to inspire kids because we all have dreams,” said Lewis. “If we give up on our dreams, we fail. 

“I hope this book inspires kids,” he continued. 

“Whatever their dreams are, if it’s to be a carpenter or a lawyer, anything, protect your dream and never give up.” 

“Is the King Too Small To Play Ball?” can be purchased through Lewis’ nonprofit website. 

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