Roem Baur
Singer-songwriter Roem Baur has performed as part of television's "The Voice." On Friday, you can see him at Mullins Bar and Grill.

Gone are the days when Stockton singer-songwriter Roem Baur’s gigs would barely pay for his sound system. But his blue-collar work ethic, instilled by his parents at a young age in Manteca, remains. 

“With my dad working in construction, I sort of always had this sense of wanting to be self-employed and wanting to build something myself,” Baur explained.

His passion has taken him on tours to Canada, Germany, England and Zimbabwe. This week he’s a little closer to home. In a casual setting, he’ll play whatever the audience is feeling at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at Mullins Bar and Grill.

Baur infuses his music with a modern electrical twang and a classic old-school rock ‘n’ roll feel. Listen to his two EPs at He has no trouble laying down a guitar riff while singing with bravado. 

His musical roots stem from singing gospel in church as a young boy. With a mother who loved classical music and a father who listened to “the devil’s music” in the garage, Baur grew up with different influences. He continued to sing in school with a classically trained alto voice and won awards in opera and musical theater. But it was the creative freedom rock ‘n' roll provided that connected with him. When he got his first guitar in college, playing and writing songs became a welcome reprieve from hours of studying music. 

“I just started playing four hours a day,” Baur recalled. “Just as long as my fingers would allow me to do it, before they started hurting too bad.”

With no creative professionals in his vicinity, it took a few years for Baur to make it work. But, gradually, success came.

In 2014, he was selected out of 100,000 entrants to perform on Season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice.” After his hit single "Maybe I Don't Need You" was played on San Francisco Bay Area KFOG radio waves, it caught the attention of the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, and Baur got to record live in Weir’s Tamalpais Research Institute studio. 

Mullins Bar and Grill is at 2 Miramontes Point Road in Half Moon Bay.

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