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Local photographer Linda Rutherford waded into the water to capture the now-demolished Romeo Pier in just the right light. Photo courtesy of Linda Rutherford

The first Coastal Arts League show of the new year will feature an exciting collection of textiles, jewelry, paintings and photography by six regional artists.

Artists Abbie D. Murthy, Ellen Silva, Linda Rutherford, Mark Murthy, Patt Sheldon and Kathie Martin are combining their collective talents in featuring never-before-seen projects. 

Sheldon is a textile and jewelry artist who experiments with vivid colors and textures while creating unusual pieces through weaving, dyeing and beading. Abbie Murthy is a painter with a background in graphic and industrial design. Her work celebrates San Francisco and the Coastside. Mark Murthy is a photographer whose forte is capturing the beauty of the coast. Martin is a landscape photographer who photographs the pristine areas around us and seascape terrain. 

Renowned local muralist Silva and award-winning photographer Rutherford round out the group. Rutherford intends to invoke a sense of childlike wonder with the photos she will be exhibiting. 

“As children, we see the world in a state of awe,” said Rutherford. “Sometimes, as an adult, I can go back to that way of looking at things.

“With photography, I try to capture special moments so I can save them with a photograph,” she continued. “Photographs are memories. I get a second wave of happy feelings when someone else buys my photos for their home. I like passing on the magic of the world to other people via photographs.” 

For the show, Rutherford will be exhibiting metal prints in which the photograph is printed on aluminum instead of paper. 

“I’m going to be printing some water lilies that I photographed in Burma,” she said. “There’s a real sense of incredible peacefulness with the photos.

“What I like about water lilies is from the murk of a pond there emerges these beautiful pink flowers. They are so delicate, and they last for only a few days,” she continued. “It’s very transitory. There’s just this sense of enduring life emerging from the water. It’s cyclical. 

“The lilies appear and disappear constantly. It’s somewhat symbolic to me.”

Rutherford will also be exhibiting a photo of Romeo Pier, a local landmark that was demolished in the summer of 2018. 

“I went out at low tide in my galoshes with my tripod and went very close to the pier in about six inches of water,” said Rutherford. “It just happened to be a lovely sunset.” 

Muralist Silva is also an artist in residence at many Bay Area schools.

She’s made her mark painting vibrant, nature-inspired images on recycled fence boards, wood, and canvas. Her creations inspire joy and hope.

Her latest creation, “Heart to Heart,” features two vibrant song birds perched beak to beak admid lush green leaves. 

“I have this series of tropical birds in conversation with each other,” said Silva. “I’ve been thinking a lot about the world and communication while translating that to animals in nature who are communicating with each other.

“There’s definitely a nature theme,” she continued. “When I look at nature, I see a lot of hope for the human condition. 

“When I look at nature, it gives me hope and a positive spin on things. Nature is vibrant with bright colors that inspire hope.” 

The showcase will be on display from Jan. 24 through Feb. 17 at the Coastal Arts League Gallery, 300 Main St. in Half Moon Bay. An opening reception is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m. on Jan. 26. Food and beverages will be provided. For more information, visit

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