Sometimes the setting can make all the difference for an artist. For Sandy Obester, it was the tranquil wilderness of her Trinity County home that inspired her to put paint to canvas once again. 

Obester’s recent body of work, 25 pieces done in acrylic, will be on display at Bamboo Body and Hair in Half Moon Bay starting this week and can be viewed until March. This is Obester’s third show at the salon. She’s appreciative of owner Yasim Caminiti’s passion and willingness to display local art.

She describes her work as a combination of the impressionistic and abstract. 

Obester and her husband, Paul, moved to Half Moon Bay in 1977. They founded Obester Winery — now Nebbia Winery — on Highway 92. The family has lived in Trinity County since 2002.

Obester had studied art at San Jose State University, but put it aside for a time when running the winery. In Trinity County, she found a new inclusive art community and the remote wilderness that energized her to get back into the art scene. 

“We got involved with the business and family and everything, and it was definitely on the sideline for many years,” Obester said. “But once we retired and moved up here, there was quite a nice art community up here.

“Probably just because of the remoteness of the area there are a lot of artists here, and it’s very inspiring,” she said. “It’s a good group of people, very diverse. It’s what got me started painting again.”

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