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Coastside photographer Susan Friedman trains her eye on horses in a new exhibit in Half Moon Bay. Photo courtesy Susan Friedman 

The Kevin Henney Gallery celebrated the opening of Susan Friedman’s exhibition with a special guest. A beautiful dapple gray Arabian named Tempest, or Mr. T to his friends, stood outside the gallery on Main Street in Half Moon Bay on Friday. He nibbled bits of hay and calmly posed for selfies. 

Inside, his brethren were celebrated in Friedman’s Equus collection, a tribute to the equine form in photography.

Like many little girls, Friedman was obsessed with horses as a child, collecting plastic horse figurines and riding whenever she could, but it was not until about 10 years ago that a friend suggested to the award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer that she take photographs of them. 

Since then, Friedman’s horse photography has taken her to exotic locations including France, Portugal, Tunisia and Morocco, where she captures the spirit of these majestic creatures. Her work includes intimate studio portraits, dynamic photos of horses in action with rippling muscles and flowing manes, and a series of horse torsos that highlight anatomy.

The Montara photographer is the first guest artist to be featured at the Kevin Henney Gallery, which opened in January at 643 Main St. in Half Moon Bay. The exhibition will be on display until Aug. 31.

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