For the past 14 years, Yasmin Caminiti has hosted works from 65 artists on a commission-free basis at her business, Bamboo Hair and Body in Half Moon Bay. Ever since Caminiti renovated her building in 2007, she’s had a rotating curation of art that changes every three months.

Now Caminiti is displaying her work for the first time in her salon. Along with fellow artists Erika Adkins and Julie Bueltman, their art will remain up until Nov. 30. The salon will host an opening reception from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

The featured work, titled “Encaustic ABC,” offers a prime example of several encaustic techniques and styles of encaustic art. It’s a time-consuming process that combines colored pigments to hot beeswax. 

“It’s a blending of different mediums and different modalities,” Caminiti said of the show. “If anybody wanted to see a variety of techniques, I would say that’s probably the strong point of this.”

A potter for over a dozen years, Caminiti began doing encaustic art nearly five years ago. The works she’s created in her home studio contain several different aspects. One involves taking a blow torch to the shellac, a type of resin which in liquid form can be used as brush-on colorant or wood finish, and gives different effects depending on the time it’s allowed to dry. She also uses a lot of mixed media, transferring photos, calligraphy and printed text before brushing on the wax. 

 “I couldn’t tell you how many hours went into that board,” Caminiti said when explaining one of her larger 24-by-24-inch works. 

Adkins has been showing her work for seven years, and her art contains pronounced textures, in some cases involving dripping beeswax directly onto the work instead of brushing it on smoothly. This exhibition, titled “Border Dwellers,” was her response to the crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border. The images of children and families prompted her to question the impact of experience, and the art reflects that. 

“Our bodies hold so much information, so much history. How will these children’s bodies be altered by this experience?” her artist statement reads. “What knowledge will they carry, and will they carry it for the rest of their lives?”

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