The Coastside Community Orchestra will have guest performers from the Cunha Intermediate School band for its spring concert. The performance will take place at 7 p.m., Saturday, at the Coastside Lutheran Church.

Maria Portello-Swagel is both the director of the Cunha band and a trombonist with the orchestra. With the support of CCO music director Robert Smith, Portello-Swagel invited seven of her students with both the musical skill and rehearsal maturity required to join the performance.

“It’s good for the students to see that you can be a musician throughout your whole life, no matter what career you pursue,” she said. “And it’s good for the adult musicians to feel the excitement of young instrumental students experiencing authentic orchestral literature.”

The director chose pieces that would be fun and accessible for the students, including selections from John Williams’ “Star Wars” score.

“It is hard to know who is enjoying the ‘Star Wars’ music more,” said Smith, “the students or the CCO members.”

The program will include other shorter works by well-known composers including Bach, Shostakovich, Bernstein, Copland, and Brahms.

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