Comedy Sharks has braved choppy waters this year and is now celebrating its fifth birthday by adding a second monthly show. 

“So, now we have shows at Hop Dogma every second Thursday and every last Friday,” emailed Comedy Sharks founder Phil Griffiths in a written statement. “The last Friday show is called Comedy Sharks Crushers, where we have less comics in the lineup, but we bring back the comics that have done really well on the Thursday shows and they do longer sets. 

“It’s kind of like an all-star show,” he continued. “Both shows are free unless specified.” Circumstances beyond the control of organizers once threatened the future of the Comedy Sharks. The Hop Dogma venue changed unexpectedly, causing the show to roll with the punches. 

It’s now smooth sailing. Comedy Sharks seems to be thriving at the new Hop Dogma location. 

“Initially, we were hoping that the move was only going to take a month or two,” said Griffiths. “There’s always a fear that people will forget or that people will not follow the show over. But people did follow, and the brewery as well as the comedy show is doing very well,” he continued.

“The shows have been standing room only,” he added. “The community has followed us and I’m very appreciative of that.” 

In addition to expressing his gratitude for five years of grins and giggles, Griffiths noted that the longevity was a big deal in terms of a comedy show lifecycle. He credits his success to the support offered by the Hop Dogma brewery. 

“Dan and the guys from Hop Dogma have been nothing but great to us,” he said. 

Griffiths also stated that he tries to book the best comics in the Bay Area. As a result, those who normally perform at San Francisco’s Punchline Comedy Club as well as Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale are now making their way to Half Moon Bay. 

“We get a lot of out-of-towners to do the show as well,” said Griffiths. “You get to have really good shows. 

“The last key part is the audience. The crowd is really good,” he continued. “When there’s this much support, the people laugh, and they can’t wait to come back. That’s what’s most memorable to me. How the community reacts to the show.” 

Comedy Sharks will commemorate the five-year milestone with a free show starring Cody Woods along with an all-star lineup of Bay Area comedians.

Woods will be featured this season on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central show “Hart of the City.” The Comedy Sharks show is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 13 at Hop Dogma, 270 Capistrano Road, in Harbor Village.


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