Are you looking to get your body moving while possibly improving your memory? Then get in line with Nancy Margulies and other members of the Odd Fellows at the Soul Line Dance class. 

Those who line-danced their way through “Achy Breaky Heart” can now pop and lock with the next generation of line dance that is set to hip-hop, rhythm and blues, soul and Motown music. 

“Soul line dancing is similar to country and western line dancing,” said dance instructor Nancy Margulies. “The moves are a little bit different and a little freer than country western. 

“You can go dancing and have fun without having a partner,” she continued. “It’s become really popular around the world.” 

Margulies was drawn to soul line dance as she searched for techniques to improve and maintain memory. After stumbling upon the flavor of line dancing, she decided to share what she was learning with others. 

“I was looking for choreography that I could learn for my memory because I love dancing,” she said. “A friend of mine had been doing soul line dancing for many years. After trying it and liking it, I began to wonder if we could get a group together on the coast. 

“I’m hoping we can become a flash mob at some point by doing this very coordinated dance,” she added.  In working toward the flash mob end goal, Margulies will be conducting soul line dance classes that are geared toward all abilities. The dances will be set to tunes like “Knock on Wood,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” and “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” 

“We will also do Uptown Funk,” said Margulies. “There are specific, hip-hop steps, but not so hip-hoppy that someone my age can’t do it. It’s within everyone’s range. 

“We break it down and practice each step together, then we add the music,” she continued. “We also look at a video of different people dancing different levels. There’s even a video of Michelle Obama dancing to ‘Uptown Funk.’” 

Soul Line Dance classes are scheduled for 2 to 3:30 p.m. on July 8, July 22, Aug. 5 and Aug. 19 at the Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows Ocean View Lodge,  526 Main St. For more information visit

“Dress comfortably and come have a good time,” said Margulies. “The Odd Fellows Lodge has a very large, wooden floor. It’s just ideal for dancing.”  

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