Coastside art, like this piece from Ellen Silva, will be on display both Saturday and Sunday during an Open Studios event. Illustration courtesy Ellen Silva

Ten years ago, Patt Sheldon wanted to make a change. Most of the artists she knew worked in isolation, with relatively few people seeing their art. Outside of a reception here and there, she found it difficult to get much interactivity between artists or viewers.

The Colony of Coastside Artists grew out of that desire to create a community and social space for groups to show art.

The group’s 10th annual Open Studios event was made available for any Coastside artists, not just members, and features 39 participants in 20 locations. From 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. on Nov. 23 and 24, visitors can see a multitude of different artistic practices from Montara through Half Moon Bay. Works include pottery, jewelry, oil paintings and photography, all on display at participating members’ studios and homes.

To see a complete list of participants, visit or pick up a brochure and map at the Half Moon Bay Library and local businesses.

A new addition this year is the “Cabinet of Curiosities” in El Granada, which has three local artists combining a showcase of their mixed media. 

CoCA, as it’s known, is open to anybody, from the most well-known and professional artists to up-and-comers. Its mission is to get art into the world in an approachable way. Sheldon explained that, while some studio events tend to focus on the individual, CoCA tries to incorporate everyone, in some cases referring customers to other artists if their want another style. 

“Sometimes it’s also a matter of not just bringing in people from over the hill, but within our own community,” Sheldon said. “It brings people in who are art lovers, and certainly benefits the artists.”


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