A scare at the bank
This truck hit the side of U.S. Bank in the Strawflower Village at about 1:05 p.m. on Tuesday. The truck did significant damage to the bank office, but neither the driver nor anyone inside was injured. Clay Lambert / Review

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Zack B

Kinda thin. Who was the driver? Man or Woman? Sober or Drunk? Distracted or faulty vehicle equipment? Did the sheriff's department investigate?

uffish thought

Since no one was hurt...

Introducing US Bank's new drive-thru' window!
Hooray for no vault insurance.
Did the car have just one loan person?
The tow truck driver made a big withdrawl.


here ya' go

So what are the charges against the reckless driver?


Charges? What for? The sign clearly states no skate boarding or bicycle riding on the sidewalk; nothing about trucks. : )

uffish thought

But it's still a big pane for the bank.

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