About one dozen people showed up at Pillar Point Harbor on an overcast Saturday morning to train for an upcoming marathon race.

None of the runners were at Pillar Point to get in a final workout for the Olympic marathon. By the time everyone showed up at Pillar Point, all the Olympic runners were in London.

However, the races in London aren’t the only marathons on tap. The Coastside hosts the Half Moon Bay International Marathon on Sept. 23.

The marathon — all 26 miles, 385 yards — is one of four races scheduled for the day. The first race is the half marathon, followed by a 10K race and a 5K race.

Entries are closed, as all races are filled.

The folks who showed up to train are among the 1,000 entries.

No doubt many others stayed home to watch the women’s Olympic race on TV. There probably will be no practice this weekend when the men’s race occurs.

“The Olympics can only help increase the popularity of the marathon,” said course director Ron Little.

Most of the 1,000 people who will take to the course along the Coastal Trail won’t be in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

It doesn’t matter, either.

“They are on a different level from us with their training,” said Norm Armstrong of Pescadero. “They all inspire us.”

For many of those who attended the first of five training sessions, it was a chance to begin getting acclimated to the course.

“This encourages runners to come out and run part of the course,” said Franz Dill, director of training. “It provides everyone a safe environment.”

The course doesn’t have steep hills for the most part.

“It just gets everyone ready for the race,” Dill said.

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