July 1

Pee Wee Division

Maguire Tree Care 6

Christine Maren Salon 5

TJ Nilsen’s fifth goal, 37 seconds into overtime, was the game-winner.

Logan Bautista also scored and recorded two assists. Charles Hogg and Travis Hamilton added assists. Aidan Bautista made 14 saves.

William Outman recorded a hat trick for Christine Maren Salon. Cameron DeVry and Ben Wylie each scored and added an assist.

Godoy Construction 8

Fincon 5

Gloria Oseguera and Nolan Gallant each scored a hat trick for Godoy Construction.

Pablo Jaramillo and Joel Glasman also scored. Treythan Krieger recorded an assist.

Johnny Brozovich scored a hat trick for Fincon. Sofie Green added two goals and recorded an assist. Ryan Tate made 16 saves.

Squirt Division

Dr. Moody 4

Dr. Maahs 3

PJ Modena recorded the hat trick for Dr. Moody.

Sequoyah Klingele scored and added two assists. Robby Mitton stopped 19 shots.

Alan Ou scored twice for Dr. Maahs. Aiden Forbes also scored.

Dr. Alborzi 7

Dr. Maahs 2

Evan Alexander, Moss Michelesen and Mat Bucher each scored twice for Dr. Alborzi.

Devin Costa scored and got an assist.

Alan Ou scored twice for Dr. Maahs. Abigaile Co and Allison Co combined to make 14 saves.

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