Welcome to the Sully’s to Surf Run, where quirky not only happens, it is strongly encouraged.

The 8.5-mile race starts in front of Café Cuesta (8865 La Honda Rd. in La Honda), and goes west on Highway 84, finishing in San Gregorio at the San Gregorio General Store.

There are a few serious runners. But in the tradition of fun and quirky, people can either run, ride bikes or walk.

The participants are easy to spot. They are the ones in the costumes.

Unlike other races, where all the participants are concerned about their finishing times and places, here the concerns are how the costumes look and who has the best end-of- driveway experience.

Residents along Highway 84 set up their driveways with themes and refreshments. When participants finish in San Gregorio, everyone is asked to vote on the best end-of- driveway offering.

“It’s a perfect event,” said Jane Sullivan, co-founder and co-organizer of the race. “It’s a small town event. It’s a chance for everyone to get together.”

For Sullivan, the race is more than just a chance to have fun with the neighbors. Money raised goes to one of three charities, either the South Coast Children’s Fund, the La Honda Educational Fund or the Pescadero Education Foundation. Sullivan says the winner determines who will be the beneficiary.

It’s the perfect end to a quirky event.

“Everyone who is involved loves it,” Sullivan said. “It’s an event for everyone, from children to old people.”

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