It would have been easy to dwell on what went wrong in the final two baseball games.

The speech that coach James Salinero delivered could have been one spoken many times since the invention of baseball tournaments.

But instead of focusing on Half Moon Bay’s final two losses at the Junior Little League California Division 2 Championships, Salinero spoke about the positives. There was the District 52 title, followed by the Section 3 title.

Half Moon Bay won the first two games of the division tournament. But an ugly 10-5 loss to eventual champion Rocklin on July 24, followed by an 8-7 loss to Salida in eight innings, ended Half Moon Bay’s run.

Half Moon Bay delivered one of its best showings ever in the tournament.

“Dad emphasized how much we grew and accomplished over the time,” said Jake Salinero.

Phillip Anderson gave Half Moon Bay a 7-5 lead, hitting a two-run triple in the top of the eighth. Half Moon Bay needed just three outs to advance to play Rocklin again.

But Half Moon Bay didn’t record any outs as Salida’s top four batters reached base safely, with the first three scoring.

“We are disappointed,” Anderson said. “But it isn’t the end of the world.”

Half Moon Bay was never in the game with Rocklin. Half Moon Bay collected just four hits while committing six errors in the loss.

It was a cleaner showing against Salida. The result was still the same.

“We can say we are the best team in the Bay Area,” Anderson said. “We also played against a lot of great teams from Northern California. I think we accomplished a lot.”

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