The Half Moon Bay High School tennis team was literally blown to the top of the Peninsula Athletic League Ocean Division standings Thursday.

The Cougars took sole possession of first place in the league after knocking off previously undefeated South San Francisco, 4-3.

Two days earlier, Half Moon Bay beat Capuchino, 5-2.

The Cougars were scheduled to play at Westmoor, Tuesday. Results of the match were not available at press time. Half Moon Bay ends the first half of the season, Thursday, hosting Terra Nova.

It’s always challenging to play at South San Francisco. The courts are just north of a runway at San Francisco International Airport. From time to time, the serenity of a match is interrupted by roaring jets taking off to places unknown.

However, the occasional jumbo jet departing SFO was nothing compared to the constant wind that blew all afternoon. The strong wind made even serving and volleying a challenge.

“I could only hit the ball to one side of the court,” said No. 2 singles player Nina Bachicha. “The wind kept blowing the serves around.”

Playing in windy conditions is nothing new this year.

“It has been windy at a lot of the courts that we have played at,” said No. 1 singles player Rina Haack.

The wind also helped push some balls over the fence, halting a few matches for a few moments.

The players knew the match would be challenging, even without the wind and air traffic.

“(Coach) Carol (Donahue) told us this would be the hardest match of the season,” Bachicha said. “South San Francisco is a very good team. They hit some good shots.”

The Cougars hit some good shots, too. Some shots went in and others were just blown away.

“The wind did get annoying at times,” Haack said. “It’s just part of the game.”

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