Lined up on a picnic table overlooking the horseshoe pitching fields were several bottles of wine with pictures of Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club members.

The wine bottles celebrated the dates the club hosted tournaments in the name of the club members.

Several bottles of wine had a picture featuring Chet Carter receiving an award from Bill Terry.

One club member said Carter would not have been impressed.

“He’s a Budweiser man,” he said.

The club hosted the final Chet Carter Tournament at Smith Field, Saturday. Next year, the club plans to host the first Chet Carter Memorial Tournament. Carter, who played horseshoes for 50 years and was a member of the Half Moon Bay club for 20 years, died in June. The San Jose resident was 95.

Carter was a fixture on the state’s horseshoes circuit. He participated in 73 tournaments one year. In one weekend, he won three tournaments at Yolo County.

Carter is remembered more for who he was than what he accomplished.

“He was a very giving man,” said club member Bill Terry. “Until about four years ago, he came up here and cut the lawn. He loved the game.”

He still came to Half Moon Bay often to play in the tournaments and share some stories. Last year, he didn’t participate in the tournament.

Horseshoes was only a part of his life. He was a starter for the drag races that used to be held at the Half Moon Bay Airport. A starter also at Fremont, he played the starter at the drag race in the 1979 movie, “More American Graffiti.”

Terry said he met Carter more than 60 years ago.

“I didn’t know he played horseshoes at first,” Terry said.

It was a friendship that Terry shared with other club members. Those members cherished the friendship.

“He was a very special person that won’t be forgotten,” said club member Glen O’Brien.

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