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Please contact ad manager Linda Pettengill for options and prices for the Half Moon Bay Review Newspaper, Half Moon Bay Magazine, inserts and other special publications. or 650-726-4424.


For camera-ready ads, we accept PDF files. Photographs and line art may be sent as jpeg or tiff files.

If you can’t provide a PDF file or have questions about how to send a PDF, please contact our Production Department, 726-4424.

We can, in many cases, accept ads in other Mac applications, but a pdf will produce the best results and be the easiest to send.


• Make sure all fonts are embedded, OR, all text is saved as outlines (this is generally best).

• Choose jpeg high compression, or “Print Optimized” settings when distilling.

• Although minor changes can be made to PDF files, it is ideal that they arrive ready to print.

• Many complete ads arrive as jpeg files. This format can be used, but it is not ideal as text will not look as sharp.

• Avoid small, reverse copy. Small variances in registration and newsprint bleed can make text hard to read.


• Scanned line art should to be saved at 300 dpi.

• Send photos as jpegs. Scanned photos need to be saved at 200 dpi at the size it is being used in the ad.


When applying screen fills avoid using screens less than 10%.

Lower percentages may not reproduce well. Newsprint dot gain is 30%.


• If your ad is black & white, make sure it contains NO color

• If your ad is a 4-color ad, make sure all colors are defined as CMYK. We check ads for RGB color and convert them through Acrobat but this may alter the colors slightly and is not recommended.


• Make sure your ad is the correct dimension.

• We will ad a 1 point border to ads that come without one unless requested otherwise.


Email is the preferred method of delivery, but we do accept files on CD or flash drives.

1. In the text of the e-mail include as much info as possible: i.e. what the attachments are, the run dates, your name, your phone number, etc.

2. Name the e-mail with the advertiser's name (avoid subjects like 'here is the ad for this week').

3. Avoid attachments larger than 10MB. If larger, please deliver on portable media or via Dropbox, Google Drive or similar.

4. Send the ad as an attachment to your ad representative's email address.

If you have an FTP site and would like for us to retrieve the ad, please provide the host, user ID and password, as well as the file name to look for.

Please contact us with any questions. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible print reproduction.


The Half Moon Bay Review web site is a valuable destination for both locals and visitors. Log on to our site to find breaking news, the Talkabout community forum, multimedia presentations, the entire contents of the weekly newspaper and monthly magazine. Your company can be a part of this web experience, helping get your message out to thousands of potential customers. We have tried to make the buying, creation, and maintenance of your advertisement as easy as possible.

Two positions are currently available:


Horizontally positioned at the top of every page on our site.* Dimensions: 728x90 pixels.

Middle Rectangle & Skyscraper:

Vertically positioned at the right edge of every page on our site.* Dimensions: 300x600 & 300x250 pixels.


This ad in the center of the page is currently used only for special event advertising or in house materials. Subject to change.

* May exclude certain specialty pages, but you will always receive your guaranteed page views.

Limited inventory:

We have limited the number of available positions on the web site to ensure that your message is not diluted by a sea of other advertising. Your ad will rotate with others in same position. We guarantee that your monthly impressions will total 10,000 or more.


$225/month for 12+ month contract. $275/month for 6-12 months. $325/month for 3-6 months. Shorter than 3 month contracts are short term.

Short term ads are $100/week for standard rotation. $250/week for every page at top of column. $399/week for background takeover. We also offer a variety of daily homepage exclusive ads from $75-$125/day.

Your monthly cost of is based on delivery of a minimum 10,000 impressions. Additional impressions are not charged. You will receive a monthly report detailing your ad performance.

Please contact the Review at 726-4424 with any questions.