At the Half Moon Bay High School Awards Ceremony, May 17, my middle daughter — a freshman attending the school — was slated to receive an academic award.

I have previously dealt with the Cabrillo Unified School District and high school administrative staff, so I was not surprised when a teacher periodically interrupted Principal Mary Streshly to inform her that she had forgotten to announce a student, or when Assistant Principal Allison Silvestri failed to announce one of the highest academic award winners.

I was surprised when they forgot to call my daughter’s name — at all.

After the event I addressed Silvestri, and she informed me how busy she is. She stated the school secretary must have left my daughter’s name off the list, but she did apologize.

Streshly stood two feet away from the entire conversation and said nothing. She did not acknowledge that we existed and did not bother to address the issue.

I have dealt with conflicting statements, falsely represented records and an inability to accurately assess a child’s needs from this district and high school administration, and while mistakes do occur, they seem to occur frequently under the watchful eye of an inept administration.

What the administration seems to miss is the disappointment — disappointment felt by my daughter, who sat stoically waiting for her name, which was never uttered, and by our family, which built up the event only to sit by in silence.

In the end, my daughter did the work and she is a winner in my book.

So, thank you to the educational staff of Half Moon Bay High School. At a time when teachers’ salaries continue to decline, you are doing an amazing job. Your job is made more difficult by an administration that is obviously lacking in professionalism or guidance.

Chris Payne

Half Moon Bay

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