I agree with the supportive Review editorial of June 13 dealing with Measure S. There were many excellent points made detailing the urgency of infrastructure repairs and technology upgrades.

Left unsaid is the responsibility of the Cabrillo Unified School District board of trustees and administration to execute well and be financially transparent and accountable to the community.

Measure S support was won because many in the community are aware of the dilapidated and outdated conditions of our school infrastructure. Until California is able to correct budget problems, it is likely that the burden of school funding will fall increasingly on the local communities. Before seeking additional funds, the Cabrillo school district needs to earn the trust of its constituency by making Measure S bond expenditures in an effective, transparent fashion.

I would urge the school board and administration to partner with the Review to provide periodic updates detailing expenditures, updated goals, accomplishments and mistakes. The success of our schools requires a partnership whereby schools are properly funded and taxpayers know their money has been well spent.

Rick Southern

El Granada

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