Do the people who complain about the Pacific Coast Dream Machines realize the important role it plays with the Coastside Adult Day Health Center and the community at large? The event fundraising keeps CADHC’s budget balanced and the center viable so it can serve the frail, elderly and disabled. I know, because I’ve needed it.

My husband was 50 years old when he had a brain aneurysm. After six months in the hospital, he came home in a wheelchair. He was hemiplegic with major brain deficiencies. He was immobile and unable to care for himself. Not only did I have to give him total care, but also hold down a full-time job to support his health care costs.

Are you aware that it is very difficult to find caregivers on the coast? I was all on my own until I contacted the CADHC. I started to send Jim to the day care center one day a week.

After several years of struggle and multiple caregivers, he began attending the center every day. Jim was cared for at the center for 18 years until cancer finally took him.

At the time of his aneurysm, I was 44. When he died, I was 64. I can’t tell you how much the Coastside Adult Day Health Center meant to me and my family. We couldn’t have managed without it.

Dream Machines was established in 1990 by a small group of people, me being one of them. Bob Senz led the charge. The purpose has always been to help people in situations similar to mine. Without this fundraiser, and other fundraisers on its behalf, the center could not exist and people like me would have no place to turn.

The inconvenience lasts only a day or two for the complainers, but people like me need the center 365 days a year.

Frances Hipps Hanscom

Half Moon Bay

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