Two guests were arrested last week at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, after allegedly racking up purchases using other people’s credit cards, cashier’s checks and mail.

The suspects, 29-year-old Robert Spiva of Walnut Creek and 40-year-old Paige Boswell of Redding, allegedly worked together to steal financial information from several different individuals and businesses. San Mateo County Sheriff’s investigators believe the pair were charging expenses by forging signatures and using stolen information from at least eight different victims. Most of the victims reside in Contra Costa County, according to Sheriff’s officials.

Spiva and Boswell were arrested early in the morning on Jan. 25, after Ritz hotel staff reported suspicions that the pair booked a room using stolen information. Sheriff’s deputies found the couple in their hotel room around 4 a.m. and proceeded to search through their belongings. They discovered an array of stolen financial documents along with a small amount of suspected methamphetamine. Boswell was also under the effects of an illegal stimulant during the arrest, according to Sheriff’s officials.

A third person was also in the room, but Sheriff’s deputies did not believe that individual had committed a crime.

Sheriff’s officials say they are still investigating the crime to find out if there are any more victims. They could not provide a total for the amount stolen by the suspects.

Spiva and Boswell are both charged with ID theft, forgery, conspiracy and drug possession. They are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

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Foggy Dew
Foggy Dew

Were they on the club level?

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