Three fishermen were thrown overboard Sunday morning after a powerful wave knocked their boat over about a mile west of Pillar Point Harbor.

One victim managed to climb onto the overturned boat and the other two fishermen remained in the water until a passing fishing boat managed to rescue them. The victims remained in the freezing water for about an hour, and one of them suffered some painful jellyfish stings, but they were all rescued without major injuries.

Fishermen on another passing vessel spotted the capsized boat and called for help around 8:43 a.m. The other vessel reportedly could not approach to help because the reef swells were too dangerous. Several emergency agencies working together sent out rescue boats and a helicopter to save the victims. Before the rescue boats arrived, the fishermen who reported the emergency were able to get near the capsized boat and pull up the two overboard victims.

Harbor officials delivered all three victims back to land and they were treated for minor hypothermia. The three victims were identified as a father and 17-year-old son from East Palo Alto and a friend from Redwood City.

They were all taken to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Redwood City.

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