San Mateo County elections officials assigned a letter to Half Moon Bay’s November sales tax initiative on Thursday. City residents will vote for or against Measure J.

The letter was assigned at random during a curious ceremony in the Tower Road elections offices Thursday morning. Staffers picked Scrabble letters for each measure on the ballot. They used a similar process to determine the order of candidates on the ballot. Some believe there is an advantage to being listed atop the group of candidates in each race.

Measure J asks city residents to assess an extra half-cent in sales tax within city limits. If approved, the measure would push the local sales tax to 8.75 percent – a 6 percent increase in the tax. City officials expect it to raise about $867,000 annually for the three-year life of the tax.

It is one of three sales tax measures on the ballot. San Mateo County and the state of California are also asking voters to improve sales tax hikes.

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John Charles Ullom
John Charles Ullom

We needed the 1% bump and declared a fiscal emergency to make it happen. It didn't. We forced them to live with their means.

Then they claimed it took guts to do that which they never ever would have done if not for us.

Then they spend money chasing grants for redundant infrastructure.

Then we brag about having money to hire more staff.

Then we assert we have turned a fiscal corner.

Then we are told we need 75 million dollars over the next 5 years to fix infrastructure that is going to get us fined if we don't fix it.

Then we are told we need a chump change tax by the city, then the county, then the state.

Then we find out that we got caught scamming the Feds over Beechwood financing.

Then we find out the City Manager hired her buddy with no formal application process and without approval from the city council.

Then we find out the contract for said buddy can't be provided because it is locked in file cabinet with only one key, which for awhile was in Vietnam with the assistant to the City Manager.

Does anybody detect a trend?

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