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Recall supporters make last push for November election

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Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 11:53 am | Updated: 4:08 pm, Thu Jul 19, 2012.

Proponents of recalling three board members of the Coastside Fire Protection District members are making a final push today to get enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Three separate recall petitions are being circulated to remove fire board directors Doug Mackintosh, Gary Riddell and Mike Alifano. The clock started ticking on June 29 to gather 2,714 signatures for each recall petition.

Today is the last day to get the measure on the ballot for the November election, but recall supporters signaled they probably wouldn’t make that deadline.

"It's pretty safe to say we're not going to make it," said Mike Gaynes, a recall supporter.

According to recall organizer Marshall Ketchum, “thousands” of signatures have already been collected for the three petitions. He said that having the recall on the November ballot would increase the number of people who see the issue, but getting it on the ballot for a special election will not be overly problematic.

If organizers collect the signatures by Oct. 26, they could still qualify for a special election sometime after November.

"We'll go for however long it takes to get enough signatures to get it on the ballot," said John Lynch, a signature-gatherer for the recall.

Welcome to the discussion.


  • J Kelly posted at 8:25 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    J Kelly Posts: 3

    As for the Recall.....Would have been much more convincing to just have petitioners asking people to keep C.F. Stand out in front of businesses and (in a friendly manner) share insight and truthful information as to why they think C.F is best. Instead there has been continuous nastiness and a goal of destroying the careers of directors who are trying to build a better dept. for our community. Not sure why you are so sure they are going to fail!??? I have faith that the people chosen by the community will do what is best for the community. They were elected for a reason weren't they?

  • John Charles Ullom posted at 8:17 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    John Charles Ullom Posts: 1024

    Jane, are you not worried about the pay model being used? It is failing in San Carlos. Why would it succeed here?

    In 2006, only 16 of 31 fire fighters lived here. Many who were in the old department, Red Circle, are still here with CalFire. I know some CalFire personnel live on the Coast but I don't know how many.

    Why do you expect that if San Carlos can't pay enough to attract fire fighters that we'll be able to using the same pay package and MOU?

  • J Kelly posted at 8:07 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    J Kelly Posts: 3

    The firefighters of a stand alone dept. will be more familiar with the Coastside and the people of the community. There have been many Cal Fire employees transferred out this year already. I would expect more long-term contracts with non-C.F employees, especially those who have had longterm residency here. You will get your money back in the years of loyalty in their service as opposed to $$$ spent re-training person after person to become familiar with our town.

    I have nothing against Cal Fire firefighters, I simply do not feel they are the best choice for our community. Cal Fire will always represent what is best for the State, so the State's needs will always come first.

  • John Charles Ullom posted at 4:58 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    John Charles Ullom Posts: 1024

    Can either of you ladies explain why you support the transition to a Stand Alone Department when we are using the failed San Carlos model? What value do you see in spending an extra 450,000 to get the same level of service?

    Are either of you aware that the majority of fire firefighters who served us prior to CalFire lived on the other side of the hill? That was when they were one of the best compensated departments in the Bay Area and yet were suing each other and us all the time. How are the pay rates that can't attract or retain fire fighters in San Carlos going to do so here? Life is not cheaper on this side of the hill.

    Their plan practically guarantees failure. Mean while CalFire does the same job for 450 grand less. CalFire doesn't sue or get us sued. CalFire wants to stay here and the firemen who serve us are proud to be CalFire.

    Other than two shifts worked by none EMT-1 Firemen, a lack of business inspections in the first two years, a postage issue, and one bad knot, no justification has be given to spend more for the same or to take the risk of it going wrong.

    Why is the Board Majority ignoring history, two Grand Juries, their own consultants, and insisting on moving ahead with a plan that is based on the failing San Carlos model?

    Why do you support the move in spite of these facts?

  • August West posted at 4:50 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    August West Posts: 321

    "Some of us would just rather have our friends and neighbors serving our community"

    But they only work somewhere else because the pay is better there. Why would you trust them if it is only about the money??

    Flimsy case "Jane."

  • J Kelly posted at 3:29 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    J Kelly Posts: 3

    I'm with Martha, I do not support the Recall nor do I appreciate being harassed by Recall supporters everywhere I shop. I've avoided the Hmb Safeway for weeks and have been shopping in Pacifica because I'm tired of being yelled at to sign something I do not agree with. No one in this town dislikes Cal Fire firefighters as they would have you believe. Some of us would just rather have our friends and neighbors serving our community instead of the revolving door of people Cal Fire would have us use. Nothing against the firemen of Cal Fire, but our little town is a stepping stone for most of them and I'd prefer people who know the area (and the people) better.

  • Moss Beach Mom posted at 2:57 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    Moss Beach Mom Posts: 40

    J.L. and others should put down their verbal weapons and leave things alone. No Recall!

  • Moss Beach Mom posted at 2:54 pm on Thu, Jul 19, 2012.

    Moss Beach Mom Posts: 40

    I do NOT support the recall.