Update: Sheriff's officials say they will close both lanes of Highway 92 east of Skyline Boulevard starting at 5 a.m. on Saturday. The cleanup operation could be postponed if the weather is poor.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s officials plan to close Highway 92 east of Skyline Boulevard on Saturday to recover a vehicle that went down a hillside.

The vehicle, a 1999 Buick sedan, remains stuck about 100 feet down an embankment after a driver intentionally steered it off the road on Thursday afternoon. California Highway Patrol officers shut down Highway 92 to all traffic for more than an hour while they responded to the crash.

The driver, identified as a San Mateo woman in her late 40s, was suffering from mental health issues and was trying to attempt suicide, according to Sheriff’s officials.

“She was cooperative, but what she said was consistent that she wanted to end her life,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Linda Gibbons.

The driver did not suffer any injuries from the crash. She was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation.

Law enforcement officials called off an attempt to recover her vehicle from the embankment on Thursday in order to reopen the road sooner. They tried to pull up the vehicle a second time that evening, but the foggy weather made it too hazardous. Officials decided against trying again today because a road closure would cause too much traffic disruption.

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this says they WILL CLOSE on Saturday AM; any idea how long this is supposed to take?

Suzy K
Suzy K

The road was just re-opened as of 3:15pm

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