The Coastside Fire Protection Board of Directors is expected to take action, determining the future of the Coastside’s fire protection services during a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The agenda suggests that the board may begin the process to adopt either a salary and benefits package for a standalone department or pursue a contract with CalFire, which currently protects the Coastside.

“When it’s all said and done – I don’t know,” President Doug Mackintosh said as to what might be decided. “From a personal standpoint, I want the very best we can get for the Coastside.”

Some members of the board, including Mackintosh, called for an investigation of the CalFire contract, suggesting the state fire agency hasn’t lived up to expectations. Others hotly reject this and believe it makes sense to keep CalFire.

Board members have butted heads over the subject since December. Subsequently the board hired consultants to investigate what it would take to cancel the CalFire contract and establish a standalone department.

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John Charles Ullom
John Charles Ullom

Cities all over California are cutting back on their Fire Departments. We save a few million and then the Due Diligence Faction sets out to spend it in order to get less for more. We are doing this even though we have a huge unfunded liability that isn't magically going to go away. Throw in two fire houses in need of repair.

This is so wrong on so many levels. Alifano has said more than once that all we ever needed was a Contract Administrator. Even Riddell has asserted that CalFire is in full compliance. He put in writing. Old retroactive 3 @ 50 for my brother and buddies Riddell!!! I kid you not. He put it writing!

Three Grand Juries disagree. The consultants the DDF toss's our money at disagree. All but two or three of the people who are paying for this and who have participated in the discussion disagree. Yet the DDF knows with the conviction of a Jihadi that they know better.

Why is Alifano participating? I can see what it is in it for Riddell and Mackintosh. Those guys are going to be golden in certain circles. But why is Alifano letting us down like this? I don't get it. I don't see how it is in his best interests. His reputation is going to take a huge hit if they ram this through and even the slightest thing goes wrong.

What could go wrong you might ask? How about this. Let us say the DDF finishes hiring the guys the DDF approves of by the end of April. Then those blessed good old boys get together at a local pub and vote on a bargaining unit to represent them by oh, I don't know, say May 15th, Local 2400?

Then on June 1st, with only 30 days before CalFire is forced to abandon us, the real negotiations begin.

Who might benefit from that? Well we do have a Labor Negotiator, who we pay 300 bucks an hour, who just the other day told the DDF that it was his opinion that we could afford our very own spiffy and brand new, stand alone fire department.

He might not be the best guy to ask about that though as in Piper Jaffery telling us with 110% conviction that Build America Bonds were a great way to get Uncle Sam to help pay for an investment in swamp land. I am just saying.

Tyler Durden

"...President Doug Mackintosh said as to what might be decided. From a personal standpoint, I want the very best we can get for the Coastside.....' "

I would say what the three crony-captured directors want is what's best for their friends who they will then hire in cush jobs in which they get to retire at age 50 while bankrupting the local residents.

Checkout how greedy police and fire unions are bankrupting Sacramento. This is your future.

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