A victim of its own meteoric success, the mountable sports camera maker GoPro plans to close its main Coastside offices and relocate to San Mateo later this year.

Seeking to consolidate the company in a new headquarters, GoPro officials said they need a larger space to accommodate a workforce that has more than doubled in the last year.

GoPro hired its 200th employee this month after a period of nonstop growth that started when the company began attracting outside investors last year. GoPro had expanded to three separate offices in Half Moon Bay and El Granada, but company officials say it became clear in recent months they had outgrown the available facilities on the coast.

As it grew, the video-equipment company was hailed by Coastside business leaders as an example of the kind of tech-savvy business they hoped would form the new economic base for the area. Seeing the company leave because of its success is bittersweet, said Charise McHugh, president of the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau.

“It was exactly the kind of the company we wanted to see here, and since they did well, we’ll lose them,” she said. “That’s part of the problem: we lose a lot of business because we can’t consolidate them.”

A sign the company is still committed to Half Moon Bay, GoPro this year is helping sponsor the Peninsula leg of the Amgen Tour of California cycling race and the city’s Rock the Block festival.

The company expects to move its headquarters to San Mateo sometime over the summer

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This company has just exploded. I remember when I first heard of GoPro and it was all good. I was told they did some neat things with cameras.

Look at them now;wow. Good for them. I saw a few of them at RB about a month ago shooting a very interesting car. Had I not looked like the uni-bomber, I would have talked with them. There must have been a dozen folks there.

This is a business that HMB needs and spends money to attract. In fact, some of the money raised from the soon to be proposed 1/2 cent sales tax increase will be going to market HMB - and these guys are leaving - and they aren't the first. Why?

HMB should be talking to these folks. Maybe Cunha's Store could be an alternative. Perhaps, the City could do something to keep them here. The only way to know is to communicate. Perhaps GoPro found an "ideal" spot and got an even more "ideal" deal, but it's most certainly worth a visit and chat to find out.

If nothing else, HMB might learn what they need to do to attract .. and Keep businesses like this one.

Good Luck to GoPro. I wish them continued success wherever they are. It will be a shame to see them go, though.

August West
August West

William Powell - you seem surprised. You should not be, if you were paying attention.

Once again, anti-development forces have won a quiet victory. They are likely very proud of another grand accomplishment - retarding progress. Once they manage to either halt Big Wave for more years (or forever), they will keep significant office space from becoming a reality on the Coastside.

It could be that the commercial developers just are not offering them enough "goodies."

The City Council or City Manager are not the direct blame, but they have not helped matters with their inability to focus on real priorities. It could be worse - they might not be in office and we be in worse economic and functional shape.


GOOD JOB Half Moon Bay! Way to go! We have this propensity to be unable to grasp priorities. We are more concerned with planning downtown parking and a modification of Main Street than a plan to attract and retain businesses that would employ skilled residents and provide a stable tax base.

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