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Devil's Slide Tunnel


CALTRANS workers finish pouring concrete along the northbound section of the Devil Slide's tunnel, on Thursday February 2, in completion of the street portions of the passageway.


Crews pave the way for Devil’s Slide opening

Inside the Devil's Slide tunnels, men were calf-deep in wet concrete the texture of split pea soup on Thursday. They used vibrating poles to dispel air pockets in the mixture. When visited by reporters, they were 10 days into pouring concrete roadways for the north- and southbound tunnels, and an hour, 60 feet and five truckloads of concrete away from completing a symbolic step in the massive project.

  • On-demand signal is sticking point for safe crossing

    Despite an announcement earlier this month that Caltrans will proceed with a highway crosswalk and an on-demand traffic signal, the agency can't officially go forward with those plans for the southbound end of Devil's Slide tunnel because the design hasn't yet been approved for use in California. San Mateo County officials are drafting a letter to help speed along the process, but, in the meantime, Caltrans is considering other options for the controversial tunnel crossing.

  • New date for tunnel opening

    Caltrans now expects the long-awaited Devil's Slide tunnels to open for traffic in mid-2012, according to an e-mail from Caltrans spokesman Bob Haus. That is months later than initially expected.

  • Devil's Slide crossing spurs renewed debate

    The long-awaited twin tunnels would make road closures due to rockslides a thing of the past at Devil's Slide, but could crossing pedestrians become the new traffic hazard for the treacherous roadway?

  • Overruns drive up tunnel costs

    Caltrans' plan to build a tunnel connecting the Midcoast to Pacifica has run roughly $30 million over the state transportation agency's expectations due to change orders from the project contractor.

  • When will tunnels open?

    Does anyone know when Devil's Slide tunnel will be open to traffic? It was first going to open fall 2011, then it was early in 2012. But I met a contractor's employee at the post office the other day and asked him.  He said December 2012.

  • Caltrans stuck in tunnel until late 2012

    Caltrans officials now say the Devil's Slide tunnels won't be open to traffic until late 2012. That is more than a year later than the general contractor estimated when it started construction on the $342 million project in 2007.

  • Tunneling takes more time, money

    Sit down. You're not going to believe this: The work on the Devil's Slide tunnels will cost more and will take longer than you were originally led to believe. I know. Shocking.

  • Tunnel delay spurs political concern

    During debate over whether to construct the Devil's Slide tunnel in the 1990s, bumper stickers around town read "Safer, cheaper, faster." The phrase was meant to promote the tunnel as the better alternative to a bypass that detractors thought dangerous to the environment.

  • Tunnel lawsuit nears settlement

    A lawsuit over water service rights for a section of the Devil's Slide tunnel project is near settlement, according to sources close to the legal tussle.

  • Caltrans moves ahead with Devil’s Slide crossing

    Plans for a crossing just south of the Devil's Slide tunnel will remain as originally designed, despite local pressure to reconsider the intersection, Caltrans officials say.

  • Caltrans now required to monitor chromium

    Caltrans officials say workers at the Devil’s Slide tunnel project were never in danger, even after the agency recently shut down construction upon finding hexavalent chromium up to three times the permissible level.

  • Caltrans: Workers, environment safe after chromium find

    Caltrans officials say recent water tests at the Devil's Slide tunnels project found levels of hexavalent chromium up to three times the permissible level. The agency's response comes three days after the Review reported tunnel workers halted construction because of heightened chromium levels. Later tests showed no danger to tunnel crews, according to Caltrans.

  • Presence of chromium stops tunnel construction

    Workers inside the Devil's Slide tunnels halted construction late last week when chromium was found during routine water-quality monitoring.

  • High chromium levels stop tunnel construction

    Workers inside Devil's Slide tunnels halted construction late last week when chromium was found during routine water-quality monitoring. Project managers aren't sure of the source of the chromium, according to Caltrans Engineer Skip Sowko.

  • Second meeting today on tunnel crossing

    Safety concerns about the Devil's Slide southbound crossing will be addressed again today as state politicians meet with Caltrans and concerned Midcoast representatives.

  • Concern expressed over tunnel crossing

    A Midcoast effort to reconsider safety at the southern portal of the Devil's Slide tunnel project got a boost in February when state and federal politicians expressed concern to Caltrans. Caltrans is now poised to meet with state Sen. Leland Yee, Assemblyman Jerry Hill, U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier and San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley.

  • Crews finish excavating Devil's Slide

    On Jan. 18 construction crews removed the last of the soil from the northbound tunnel at Devil's Slide, completing a California Department of Transportation excavation project that began in 2007. The southbound tunnel excavation was completed earlier in January.

  • Seeking light at the end of the tunnel

    Back in May, author and performer Hester Schell was returning to California after a year of working in the film industry in Massachusetts, when inspiration hit.

  • Caltrans crew has a breakthrough moment

    “Let’s see the light at the end of the tunnel!” Caltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi bellowed into the microphone at the northern portal of the northbound Devil’s Slide tunnel Friday afternoon.

  • Caltrans sees light at end of tunnel

    “Let’s see the light at the end of the tunnel!” a Caltrans spokesperson bellows into the microphone at the northern portal of the northbound Devil’s Slide tunnel this afternoon. A drum roll track booms dramatically from loud speakers and about 200 local dignitaries and state politicos rise from their seats in anticipation of the big carbide steel drill head churning up the last layer of dirt, a month ahead of schedule. A sign above the audience reads “Devil’s Slide: The best damn tunnel job in America!”

  • Workers break through tunnel preemptively

    Diggers deep inside Devil’s Slide tunnel poked a small hole at the end of the north end of the northern bore Wednesday morning in preparation for the official break through ceremony on Friday afternoon. Workers weren’t sure how long it would take to actually pop through so they preemptively dug through the last leg of the tunnel to insure tomorrow’s ceremony would go smoothly, explained a Caltrans engineer who preferred not to be named.

  • Light at the end of tunnels

    Workers at Devil’s Slide expect their big carbide steel head drill to break through the northern end of the northbound tunnel on Friday. It’s been three years since workers broke ground on the first such tunnel project in California since 1964.

  • Devil's Slide crews dig for home

    With an over-exaggerated rounding of his headlamp, a tunnel worker deep inside the belly of the Devil’s Slide excavation signals right of way to an approaching big rig. Once the worker stops the circular motion, the sticker on his helmet comes into focus: “I love explosives.”

  • Time (again) to name that tunnel!

    Editor’s note: The following is a Louie Castoria blast from the past. This column originally appeared in 2008.

  • Devil's Slide closed for four hours

    Transportations plan to close Devil’s Slide from 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today so they can stabilize the surrounding hillside.

  • Caltrans plans to close Devil's Slide Wednesday

    UPDATE—Caltrans officials plan to close Highway 1 along Devil’s Slide for four hours on Wednesday, March 24, to stabilize a faulty hillside on the northern portion of the bypass, near the Devil’s Slide Tunnel bridges in Pacifica.

  • Caltrans plans to close Devil's Slide March 24 or 25

    Caltrans officials plan to close Highway 1 along Devil’s Slide on either Wednesday or Thursday – March 24 or March 25 – to conduct “serious” rock removal on the cliffs above the roadway, a department spokesman said.

  • Devil's Slide tunnels spring a leak

    Early this month, Devil’s Slide tunnel diggers tapped into the largest underground reservoir they’ve encountered to date, according to Caltrans. The steady, 10-day gush didn’t slow the drilling project, and dissipated to a typical flow over last weekend.

  • Tunnel diggers hit large flow of water

    Earlier this month, Devil’s Slide tunnel diggers tapped into the biggest underground reservoir they’ve encountered to date, according to Caltrans. A steady gush of water did not slow the project, however.

  • Keep trail open to traffic in Devil's Slide emergency

    I know there is much talk about turning Highway 1 on Devil’s Slide into a walking trail with parking lots at each end when the tunnel is completed. I really think this is a bad idea, due to the fact that one day there will be a bad accident inside the tunnel and it will be closed until the wreckage is removed and the investigation completed. That would leave us in the same situation as we have now.

  • Ventilation work underway

    It’s easy to lose sight of the incremental progress on a construction project that costs hundreds of millions of dollars and takes years to complete, but officials behind the Devil’s Slide tunnels project say everything is continuing apace in the middle of the hillside above Montara.

  • Devil'€™s Slide bridge provides crossing to next phase

    More than 100 people made their way into the hills overlooking Pacifica Friday morning, to the newly completed Devil’s Slide bridge, where they had a rare chance to bask in the glory of modern infrastructure.

  • Tunnels named for angel of Devil'€™s Slide

    The twin tunnels under construction at Devil’s Slide will be named in honor of the congressman who worked for more than 20 years to find a solution to the Coastside’s traffic troubles.

  • Lantos deserves honor of plaque at Devil'€™s Slide tunnels

    Today, Tom Lantos is remembered as, among many other even more notable things, the Coastside’s key to the federal piggy bank. He is commonly credited with helping to secure $150 million in federal funding toward the ongoing Devil’s Slide tunnel project.

  • Legislature names tunnels in honor of Lantos

    Both houses of the California Legislature Thursday approved a proposal to name the twin tunnels currently under construction at Devil's Slide after the late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

  • Name that Tunnel!

    Our long-awaited tunnel, which will bypass Devil’s Slide on Highway 1 to the north of Half Moon Bay, is coming along nicely. I’m sure that Caltrans will give it a good name once it’s completed, probably after a political leader (our late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos comes to mind), but wouldn’t it be fun to have a Naming Contest, with the winner getting a prize — maybe a free repaving job on his or her mile of road of choice?

  • Senate passes bill to name tunnels

    The California Senate passed legislation to name the tunnels under construction at Devil’s Slide in honor of the late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

  • Lantos tunnel name passes Senate

    The California Senate passed legislation to name the tunnels under construction at Devil’s Slide in honor of the late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

  • Caltrans has bridged the gap

    It has been hard to drive past Devil’s Slide for the past few months and not play the guessing game: When will the two ends of the bridge finally meet in the middle?

  • Devil's Slide bridge coming together

    One bridge almost down - make that up - and one more to go.

  • Legislator proposes naming tunnel after Lantos

    State Sen. Leland Yee joined the tide of goodwill toward U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos last week when he announced plans to name the Devil's Slide tunnels after the retiring congressman.

  • Yee introduces legislation to name Devil's Slide after Lantos

    California State Sen. Leland Yee announced Friday that he will ask the Legislature to name the Devil's Slide tunnels in honor of U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

  • Caltrans celebrates tunnel vision

    Calling it the beginning of the end, Caltrans officials put the first - albeit largely ceremonial - dent in Montara Mountain Monday, marking the spot where twin tunnels will one day render Devil's Slide a thing of the past.

  • The drill hits the rock at Slide

    Nothing about the $270 million Devil's Slide tunnels project seems easy. As Caltrans officials and contractors explained the step-by-step excavation process during a press tour last week, the attention to detail and procedure recalled the decades-long fight to approve the tunnels in the first place.

  • Caltrans detours traffic around tunnel work

    This morning Caltrans officials hoped to open the first of two planned detours on the southern end of Devil's Slide that are designed to allow crews enough room to begin the heavy work on a pair of tunnels at the site.

  • Cunha construction start nears

    The Cabrillo Unified School District governing board has officially named a contractor for the long awaited Cunha Intermediate School renovation.

  • Caltrans work at slide provides rare chance to study the inside of a mountain

    As Coastsiders get a roadside view of the daily progress at the Devil's Slide tunnel project, another view is slowly emerging for U.S. Geological Survey geochemist Marjorie Schulz and Stanford Assistant Professor George Hilley - the millions-years-old story of Montara Mountain. The research they hope to do as a result of digging the tunnels will add to a greater understanding of local geology but also new discoveries about underground and surface processes along fault zones.

  • big dig set for devil's slide

    Conventional wisdom indicates that you can't dig through a mountain without the help of a big machine. Also: two machines are better than one.

  • Big dig set for Devil's Slide

    Conventional wisdom indicates that you can't dig through a mountain without the help of a big machine. Also: two machines are better than one.

  • Caltrans hosts celebration at Devil's Slide

    About 150 dignitaries and ordinary Coastsiders gathered Monday morning at what will be the southern entrance to the tunnels at Devil's Slide for what Caltrans called an "excavation celebration."

  • Devil's Slide detour likely to take effect for Wednesday commute

    Motorists can expect traffic control measures overnight Tuesday, June 5, at Devil's Slide and a detour in place the following morning.

  • Bills come due for last summer's Devil's Slide repairs

    This week marks the year anniversary of the closure of Devil's Slide - four months in which Coastsiders had a devil of a time getting around. For state officials, the bills are now coming due.

  • Rocks, mud briefly close Devil's Slide

    Highway 1 at Devil's Slide was closed for two hours early Friday morning after a small rock slide blocked both lanes of the highway, said John Cunliffe, public affairs officer for Caltrans.

  • Devil's Slide Tunnel bid: Higher than anticipated but work may be done faster

    Though construction bids for the proposed Devil's Slide tunnel came in Tuesday $32 million over an earlier Caltrans estimate, it appears the lower bid could be completed about a year earlier than expected.

  • Devil's Slide bid points to higher cost

    The bids are in and Caltrans is looking at spending $32 million more than originally anticipated on the Devil's Slide tunnels. That cloud comes with a silver lining: The low bidder projected completion of the project a full year earlier than officials expected.

  • Nine years and counting

    Thanksgiving marks the anniversary of the first publication of Quip Tide in the Half Moon Bay Review. It's been nine years since that first column, "Quip Tide Arrives," appeared. I was 43 at the time, and still had two working eyes. My two daughters were 16 and 13 years old, and Silver the Weenus had not yet been born. It's hard to imagine the column without her contributions.

  • 2006 was a devil of a year

    Another year has come and nearly gone. Wavecrest remains a field planted in controversy. Government squabbles persist. Traffic can be a bear.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel?

    It’s been nearly six years since giant drills first began to bore into Montara Mountain in order to punch two tunnels at Devil’s Slide. Caltrans officials now hint that the day of their opening is within sight, later this spring.

  • Money brings opening of Devil’s Slide trail one step closer

    The Devil’s Slide trail will be safer for visitors thanks to a recently approved county grant.

  • Devil's Slide tunnels delayed again

    The long-awaited opening of the Devil's Slide tunnels has been pushed back into early 2013. It is at least the third delay for a $342 million project originally slated to open in 2011.

  • Drive free at the Devil’s Slide tunnels opening ceremony

    Organizers have put the brakes on plans to charge to participate in the opening of the Devil’s Slide tunnels. The idea didn’t pass muster with the state transportation agency’s legal team.

  • Tunnel enthusiasts prepare to start their engines

    If you've dreamed of being the first to coast through the Devil's Slide tunnels, which are slated to open late this year, the honor may be yours. For a fee.

  • What’s coming when the tunnel opens?

    What can Coastsiders expect in the future, when the storied tunnel that cuts through Devil’s Slide and smoothly links Montara to Pacifica finally opens?

  • Head-on crash kills motorcycle rider, closes Devil's Slide

    UPDATE: Both lanes of traffic has been re-opened just after 5 p.m. at Devil's Slide.

  • Pedestrian traffic light now planned for Devil's Slide

    Caltrans told a meeting of the ad-hoc Devil's Slide Task Force earlier this week that it will install a traffic light near the southern portal of the Devil's Slide tunnels to assure safe passage for pedestrians using the old roadway as a walking trail.

  • Caltrans steps in to settle water battle

    Caltrans has picked up the $20,000 tab to settle a legal battle over water service rights for part of the Devil's Slide tunnel project.

  • Lawsuit focuses on Devil's Slide water rights

    The Devil's Slide tunnel project has already dug through miles of impenetrable rock and layers of state and federal politics. Now comes the water-rights clash.

  • Tunnel opening was bittersweet, but true meaning lives on

    Last month marked the inauguration of the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil’s Slide, the long-awaited portal from our small coastal community to the bustling Bay Area beyond. And while Coastsiders have become well-acquainted with the massive construction site along Devil’s Slide, it appears many have forgotten that, without the determination of local residents turned environmental activists, a four-lane highway bypass would now scar Montara Mountain.

  • Drivers get used to Devil’s Slide tunnels

    Travelers crossing Highway 1 at 2 a.m. on March 26 were among the first to use the new tunnels at Devil’s Slide. Guided by the flashing beacon of pilot trucks, they cut straight through the mountain and avoided the once-winding passage.

  • Long time coming, tunnels open rather unceremoniously

    If you took one last drive to the north over the weekend, you weren’t alone. Many motorists, from the Coastside and beyond, took a nostalgic trip over Montara Mountain and into Pacifica — and vice versa — in recent days. There may be something like universal approval of the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil’s Slide at this point, but that doesn’t mean some of us won’t miss the majestic view glimpsed in our peripheral vision as we drove a highway that stood alone.

  • Ribbon cut on Tom Lantos Tunnels

    Against the drum roll of the Half Moon Bay High School and Terra Nova High School bands, the ceremonial ribbon of the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil's Slide has been cut. 




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