Unobtrusively tucked at the north end of Purisima Street in Half Moon Bay, the quiet one-story house is a hive of service for 10 Bay Area counties.

Inside is the office of Home Care by the Sea, from which registered nurse Bobbi Cobb and sons Brian, 30, a pharmacist, and Michael, 24, office manager and health care administration professional, run a compassionate network geared to keep clients at home with access to skilled medical and therapeutic services for as long as needed.

“To ensure the safety of the patient — that’s my first goal,” said Bobbi Cobb, a dark-haired woman with kindly yet direct eyes. “That’s my passion.”

Working closely with patients, doctors and families, and a growing network of professionals that include occupational, physical and speech therapists and certified home health aides, Home Care by the Sea serves patients that have trouble leaving their homes.

The work is comprehensive, beginning with a thorough assessment that pinpoints not just what hurts but why and what’s needed to alleviate the pain, treat the condition and help the patient back to everyday functioning.

Home Care by the Sea treats the whole situation, she said. To illustrate how, she cites a hypothetical example: if she were called into the case of a senior who had fallen, she would look at why the person fell. Detective-like, Cobb exhausts a bevy of reasons the senior’s safety at home is compromised.

The next step, she said, done in tandem with appropriate doctors, is formulation of a “Plan of Care” for the next 60 days, with doctor’s orders, treatment, medications, devices and goals like interactions with skilled care.

The approach strikes a balance between the patient’s wishes and the realities of the situation, Cobb said. “They want to be independent and we want them to be, too, but within reason,” she said, adding that that may call for rehabilitation at home.

“Whatever the patient needs, we get in touch with the agency” from Meals on Wheels to Senior Coastsiders.

Medicare and MediCal-certified, Home Care by the Sea contracts with insurers and works with medically indigent adults, Cobb said.

“We don’t say no,” Michael Cobb said, adding that Home Care by the Sea is “24/7.”

The family’s roots in medicine and caregiving run deep, watered by a range of random incidents.

Originally a cardiac nurse with a soft spot for home care, Bobbi Cobb segued into that field because it allowed her to stay in medicine and still “be a mom,” going to PTA meetings or picking her kids up at school. She and Michael recall his accompanying her on calls.

For his part, Michael Cobb, who played golf professionally throughout the western states after high school, decided to further his education and followed his own passion into health care administration. Elder brother Brian graduated from the University of the Pacific and became a pharmacist.

With all the elements in place, developing Home Care by the Sea seemed a natural fit for the family, who came to the Coastside from Calaveras County two years ago.

Bobbi Cobb recalled a chance conversation with a doctor she met while collecting shells on the beach. He enlightened her to a need for home care services on the Coastside — a locale not always in the scope of other home-care services.

The Cobbs began the accreditation process in February 2010, choosing the Accreditation Commission for Home Care. The process spanned nearly two years and, among other steps, involved a three-day surprise survey visit from officials who perused their patient files, scrutinized their procedures, accompanied them on visits — and “fell in love with Half Moon Bay,” Bobbi Cobb said. It all wrapped up in November 2011.

The Cobbs want to enlarge their stable of services to include more physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and certified home health professionals, Bobbi said. “We want to really grow and add staff,” she said.

“We give them the full episode” (length of time needed for treatment,) Michael said. “Whatever they need for as long as it’s needed.”

Home Care by the Sea can be reached at 560-9844 or via

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