The Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont, striving to live up to a mission of showcasing emerging, trailblazing regional artists, is taking another step in that direction with its “Visions and Visionaries” exhibit opening Sunday.

It includes Coastside artists.

The exhibit includes paintings and sculptures by 16 regional artists from the museum’s permanent collection. The artworks will range from delicate pastels, photo-based imagery, sculptural paintings and painted sculpture. Each piece offers insights and sometimes extensive social commentary in addition to imagery.

A case in point, explained in the museum’s publicity statement about the exhibit, is painter Ruth Silnes, who painted a diptych of the cosmos, with glorious images of galaxies and stars, in the early 1970s — well before the days of wonders rendered by technology such as the Hubble telescope.

That’s what visual artists do, said the statement: They see what no one else does and communicate their visions in line, form, color and mass.

The artists include Kings Mountain resident Werner Glinka, who creates 3-D abstract works. His piece in this show is a large painted panel with added pieces of wood and metal, which suggest the hull of a ship. Glinka is a regular at the Kings Mountain Art Fair.

Joining him are Coastside artists Vince Rascon, with an etching that captures a village scene in Mexico, and Karin Moggridge, with a woven tapestry made with strips of silk.

The exhibit officially opens with a reception from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21. It is located at 10 Twin Pines Lane in Belmont’s Twin Pines Park. It runs through Dec. 30.

For more information or to schedule a docent-led tour, contact the museum at or call (650) 654-4068.

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